Fact Sheet


Way of Rhea is an upcoming narrative driven puzzle side scroller about the space humans take up in the world. In the game, the player can only interact with objects in the world that match their color, and therefore must use the magical colored orbs scattered throughout the world to change to the colors at the right times.

Anthropic Studios is a small indie studio founded in 2018 with collaborators working out of SC, NYC, DC, and PA. Anthropic’s games are built in an in-house engine and scripting language built on top of the Rust programming language.


In April of 2018, inspired by a Bennett Foddy talk, Mason Remaley decided to gather a few people to complete a challenge: build a playable game in a week. He had been working on a game engine and scripting language in his spare time, and figured it was about time to build a real game on top of it.

Soon afterwards, he got Carolyn Whitmeyer on board as an artist and Colin Quinn agreed to write some music. Together, they signed up to demo their game at Playcrafting’s Spring Play expo, with one catch–the game didn’t actually yet exist. Over the next 9 days they came up with the idea for the game, and put it together, finishing just in time for the expo.

They had initially planned to repeat this exercise a few more times after the expo was over, but they liked what they had created so much that they decided to instead continue work on the game they had already build. Evan Morris who had previously helped out a bit officially joined the project as a narrative designer, and Nick Romero as a sound designer. The game was then renamed from its working title Monsters and Sprites to Way of Rhea.



Selected Articles

“Though the demo only lasted about five or ten minutes, it was enough for me to get a good glimpse into the world of Way of Rhea, and now I’m looking forward to going back when the game releases.” - Courtney Ehrenhofler, Tech Raptor

“Finally, [Way of Rhea] is a puzzle game that reminds me a bit of Hue, but unlike Hue, lays everything out in front of you, choosing to double down on a sense of whimsy as opposed to a sense of minimalist mystery. While [Way of Rhea] is still very much early in development, I love the idea of tying color to the mechanics of a puzzle in a game. It’s a tried and true mechanic that has been used on everything from Red Doors to Blue Keys, but Indie games continue to reinvent this and re-imagine it in many ways.” - Jacob Wood, Indie Hangover


Mason Remaley - Design, Programming

Mason Remaley is the founder of Anthropic Studios. He previously worked on Windows 10 at Microsoft, internal tools at Google, and in addition to working on Anthropic projects is currently working at CTRL-labs on a neural interface with a Unity SDK.

Alongside all that he’s spent most of his free time over the last 5 years writing game engines and a compiler that work together to allow editing games without ever having to restart them, Way of Rhea is built on top of the latest iteration of these projects.

Carolyn Whitmeyer - Visual Artwork

Carolyn Whitmeyer is the artist for Way of Rhea, she has a bachelor’s degree in biology as well as a master’s degree in medical visualization. She says her studies are motivated by her lifelong interest in art and nature.

She currently works at the American Institutes for Research as a production assistant, and spends her spare time working with Anthropic and improving her art skills.

Evan Morris - Narrative Design

Evan Morris is the narrative designer for Way of Rhea. He’s currently working on a PhD in astrophysics.

Nick Romero - Sound Design

Colin Quinn - Music


Will the game support mobile platforms?

Currently only macOS, Windows, and Linux support is planned. It’s possible that after the initial release a port to mobile operating systems would be considered if there’s sufficient interest.

When will it be released?

We’re still too early in development to make any promises. :)

Why aren’t you using XXX engine?

Fast iteration time is incredibly important to us. Our engine was built from the ground up to support instantly hot swapping out changes without ever having to reload the game.